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Incredibly, you spend years in school preparing for a career that can be compromised in a few moments with improper behavior. Manners do matter — no matter how informal the business environment. The good news is that Colleen’s book is an etiquette boot camp for avoiding social and business pitfalls. Be On Your Best Business Behavior is an informative and entertaining tool for any of us who have wondered (and worried) about the proper way to do anything — and in any situation.
— Jeff Singsaas
General Manager Microsoft Corporation 


Being schooled in proper business etiquette is essential in today’s fast-paced and diverse business community. Colleen attacks the subject with a “hands-on” manner as she walks a group through all the steps needed in making a business dinner or meeting a success. She also makes it more than a learning experience, she makes it a fun and enjoyable time with her. The results are immediate as you can see positive changes and real confidence grow with your executives as they conduct themselves much differently at business dinners and meetings following the Colleen Rickenbacher experience.
— Jim DeLong
Vice President, Sales and National Accounts
Bayer CropScience LP


Psst! Your manners are showing! Even with today’s more casual workplace, it’s imperative that we still “mind our manners.” And Colleen Rickenbacher, who personifies every facet of being the best in business, is a great teacher. Her timely book is clear and precise, her message refreshing. So enjoy the pleasant journey to being on your best business behavior!
— Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP
Co-author “Games Trainers Play” McGraw-Hill series
Director, Center for Professional Development and Training


Whether presented in person or in her new book, Colleen Rickenbacher’s message is universal. Her ideas are adaptable from an everyday business dinner to a meeting with a four-star general. Colleen’s material has been not only informative and educational for our cheerleaders but also fun! We love her enthusiasm and zeal for her topics and her interactive presentations. This book is a winner!
— Kelli McGonagill Finglass
Director, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders


Given today’s increased need to take different cultural sensitivities into account in a global marketplace, a knowledge of business etiquette is essential -- and Colleen had a wonderfully witty and entertaining way of presenting us with many timeless tips for all occasions," "Thanks LWBC, as I enjoyed her presentation immensely!
- Deborah Kauffman, 
Director, LII Commercial Customer Service. 

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