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Colleen Speaks

Strategies for Business Etiquette and Success

     There is absolutely no doubt that your business etiquette and communications determine how people see and value you. It is critical for you to ensure that your employees’ professionalism and company image are beyond reproach. This starts with the initial contact with the customer. 

     For more than 40 years, Colleen has been helping companies and individuals break through the invisible walls of poor communications and business etiquette. Colleen guarantees personalized presentations for your group, organization or company. Each speech is custom-made and exactly what you and your attendees expect and a lot more. 



Sample of Speaking topics:

  • Business Etiquette
    Are you one of those people that everyone gets upset with when your phone rings in a restaurant, theater, or church? Communication technology is becoming more advanced, portable, and commonplace, and issues about using it are escalating. Learn proper etiquette for email, phones, and all electronic devices. 

  • Client Service: Secrets of Taking Care of Business
    As we move at a faster pace, we often forget the basics of taking care of clients. Learn how to give good service from start to finish. Discover little acts of kindness that will make you memorable to your customers, achieve differentiation, and build your business. Great service is the key to keeping clients. 

  • How to Connect
    When you enter a reception room, do you automatically seek out someone you know? Nice for friendship, but disaster for new business. Learn how to mix with the right people, keep a conversation going without doing all the talking, and use business cards to your advantage. 

  • Presentation Skills
    Do you know your audience, how do you look when you speak to an individual or a room full of people, and are you getting your point across in a concise and exact message? Learn tips on how it works, and what doesn’t, to improve your presentation skills. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking to one or 1001, it all matters in how you deliver. 

  • International Protocol
    Colleen’s Be On Your Best Cultural Behavior is an engaging read that covers 33 countries and the do’s and don’ts about dealing, traveling and handling yourself globally. Each chapter provides tips on location, geography, communication, transportation within the country, punctuality, meeting manners, business card exchange, entertaining, forms of address, greetings and introductions, tipping guidelines, appearance/attire for each country, gift giving, their holidays and festivals, ten language tips, gesture awareness and faux pas you don’t want to commit. Each chapter is presented in an easy format to be used as a checklist for the next business trip or just helpful guidelines for an exciting personal get-away. If you do not plan any international trips, the book provides guidelines that are ideal as you entertain or host the international visitor for work or pleasure in your home or workplace.

  • Dining Etiquette: Steps to Confidence
    Which fork do I use? Is that your bread plate or mine? Learn the basics and be comfortable in the most formal dining settings. Table etiquette and hosting skills should be second-nature to anyone who entertains clients. Make an impression as host or guest. 

  • Business Dress: Or is it Business Casual?You don't have to look like a model to be professionally dressed and make a good impression. Learn to coordinate your apparel and be prepared for whatever setting you encounter-the office, a reception, or a night on the town. Get sensible tips to fit your style, shape, and budget. What is the appropriate dress and how do you want to be recognized. 

  • The Virtual Office: Working from Home
    Learn how to succeed in today's non-traditional workplace from someone who has done it herself. Discover whether you have the discipline and personality it takes to do it from home. Learn the costs and the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting or running a business from home. 

  • Travel Safety
    Do you take all the necessary precautions while you are traveling, shopping at the local mall or walking from your office parking lot? Learn facts and statistics on a multitude of safety issues travelers are potentially exposed to when traveling. 

  • Packing for that Trip
    Did you forget something, pack the wrong clothes, or bring too many suitcases? Plan and prepare for recreational travel as well as business

  • Children's Programs
    Join Colleen for the Children's Etiquette program that is held at the Rosewood Mansion in Dallas. These dining and etiquette programs are designed for children 5-12 and 13-18 years of age. These fun and educational programs help children understand the importance of dining etiquette, the handshake, introductions, communication skills, appearance, telephone skills, "stay over" with friends, social skills, and many more. 


  • Other Topics Include

    • Tipping Guidelines

    • Leadership

    • Customer Service

    • How to Create a Wow Event

    • Starting Your Own Company

    • Writing a Book

    • First Impressions

    • Interviewing

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